Last year right on September 1st my husband’s SUV (the newer of our two vehicles) died. Or more accurately, a problem developed with the transmission that would have cost a significant amount of money to fix. This is not a fun situation at the best of times, but for us, the added stress of the vehicle drama occurring right before our kids were heading back to school had me in a tizzy for a week. And did I mention that we had paid it off just 3 months prior? Yeah, that was a kick in the teeth…

We all know how important it is for busy families to have a reliable means of transportation. Unfortunately, transit is not an option for our family: my husband’s commute time would triple and my kids are in French immersion so our assigned school is not within walking distance. We need both cars!

If I look at my schedule for the fall, between school drop off/pickup, hockey, Brownies and swimming lessons, not to mention work and home related errands, I can’t imagine what I would do if I had to live without my car. Stressing over my vehicle not starting or being in the shop is not an option.

In our situation, we went the somewhat convoluted route of buying one new truck (to replace our oldest vehicle) and one used car to replace the SUV and it’s been smooth driving ever since.

What do you do when you need a new (or new to you) vehicle?

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2012 Dodge

Dodge Grand Caravan