Netflix downloads make the perfect travel companion! Now you can bring your favourite shows with you, even where there’s no internet!

netflix downloads

Netflix is pretty pivotal in our house, almost to the point of achieving third parent status (I jest! Kind of.) But since I refuse to add my kids’ devices to my data plan, Netflix has always had to stay behind while we travelled between home and the next Wi-fi zone. Well, Christmas has come early!

On November 30th, Netflix announced certain titles are now available for download on your smartphone or tablet. And lest you think this is another awesome American Netflix thing that we Canadians are frozen out of, fear not! It works on Canadian accounts too!

Just make sure you have the most updated app, and download away! You will probably want to be using W-fi while downloading, as it uses similar data as streaming the show or movie would.

With the airline trend towards encouraging passengers to entertain themselves on their own devices, or for those long car trips, this development has come none too soon! I say “Welcome aboard Nanny Netflix!”