When my son was just learning to talk, he was in the bath and refused to roll onto his back to rinse the shampoo out of his hair. After struggling to flip his slippery determined body, I finally asked “Why won’t you go on your back?”

He beamed his toddler grin at me and laughed. “I a turtle! No on back!”
Ah! Well now I get it. If I had started out by asking the question, I would have seen: it makes perfect toddler sense. And as you well know, reasoning is subjective, especially if we are talking about kids. They just think differently from the way adults think.

He speaks much better these days, but his ideas still surprise and delight me every day. I keep a notebook of his funny outbursts, but I feel like I could document it better. Even as a writer, I can’t capture the nuances of his facial expressions, the way he gazes up when he is thinking, the withering looks he shoots when I have said something he finds ludicrous.

Were you just about to say “There’s an app for that?” Because there is. OneDay is an innovative new app that helps freeze time for a day. The app cleverly prompts thoughtful questions, the answers to which are recorded and transformed into a short video. Trust me, the results are sweeter than you even imagine. Here is a clip of Melissa’s four year old daughter. This priceless memory took less than two minutes to create.

Centred around themes like “Emotions”; “When I grow up”; “About Grandma” each category holds a set of ten questions. You can ask your child all of them, or pick and choose a few you like best. The app then magically edits the answers, weaving them together into a video complete with soundtrack. You can save the results in the app or on the camera roll of your phone, sharing it via text, email or on Facebook.

Another neat feature is the ability to set a reminder on your phone so you can capture your child’s responses at the same time each day, a la those picture-a-day videos that I always think are so cool.

The best part about this app though? It was just launched (it’s only been available since July 23rd) and is currently being offered for free on iTunes. There are some cool new features in development, like the ability to ask your own questions, themes that are geared for older people, and a choose your own music feature. If this app stays free for long, I would be shocked.

We have had some fun experimenting with this app, and I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t enjoy it. Why not download it and give it a shot? OneDay you will be very happy you did!

Learn more about OneDay on their website and connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram!