What is it about September that makes one feel as if something new and fresh is starting, even when you’ve been out of school for a long time? Perhaps the endless back-to-school commercials commencing on August 1 has something to do with it? They may try to force us to face the reality that fall is on the horizon, but to that, I say No.

No I’m not ready to give up on summer

No, I will not accept that holiday time is coming to an end

And No, you will not subtly push us to start buying pencils and binders yet oh mighty Staples commercials!

But I will say Yes to more last minute getaways, quick trips and family togetherness!

Camping is an easy way to get away and many campgrounds will still have spaces so don’t despair! And once your spot is secured, check out how to make trailer camping easier.

Gone Camping

Want something a little less labor intensive than camping? There are still loads of vacation deals available with some last minute bargains to boot!



If you happen to be flying abroad or taking that trailer across the border into the US, here is what you’ll need to know when crossing international borders with kids.

And tips! Have we got tips!

Tips for saving money while eating out on your family trip.

Tips on surviving days on the road with the kids

You Are Here. Roadtrips


And most importantly (for our sanity), tips for keeping those oh-so-indispensable devices charged when we’re on the go!

how to charge devices