Things I love about camping:

1) Distraction-free family time
2) Early morning camp coffee
3) The wholesome feel of the great outdoors

Things I do NOT Love about camping:

1) No vehicle on Earth can comfortably transport a  family and their camping gear.
2)Campsite set-up is the leading cause of divorce in families with children
3) Peeing at night involves going outside

Almost as if they heard my list of camping complaints, Parks Canada has launched a new program aimed particularly at those new to camping, and those who have learned the hard way to hate the hassles of camping. Designated sites in select National Parks will be rented out fully equipped. The tent with sleeping pads, a cookstove and lantern will all be set up before the campers arrive. Now if they could only do something about the walk to the bathroom…

For details on the equipped campsite program, visit www.pc.gc.ca or call 1-888-773-8888