If you find yourself in the Toronto area, place a ferry ride to Centre Island on your family’s to do list! Once on Centre Island, take a walk over the bridge where you’ll be greeted by a gang of Pirates – hello Captain Mick and crew! Pirate Life, on Centre island, is boat cruise adventure and interactive family entertainment rolled into one uproariously fun show !

Pirate Life in Toronto Islands

Getting a taste of “pirate life”, the whole family will be transformed into their pirate alter-ego, complete with pirate names, garb, tattoos, and maybe even some facial hair! (Did you know – female pirates were considered bad luck, so women would often disguise themselves as men!)

Once on board their ship, the Island Rogue, see if you have what it takes to become a TRUE pirate…

Are you pure of heart, strong of will and sound of mind?

If you pass the test, you may even uncover a secret pirate treasure, but beware! Treasure seems to draw the attention of the most unworthy and evil of pirates…

For every pirate-lover in your family, young AND old, this adventure is a must.

Check them out at piratelife.ca and book your tour.

With pirate adventures running from May to October, this amazing crew is waiting to accommodate you. With every crew member either a theatre student or graduate – they are highly talented and devoted to creating an amazing experience for your family.
You will leave with a smile on your face and a little pirate swagger in your step!

The tour itself is only 1.5 hours of your time, but you can easily spend the entire day on the Island! Bring a bathing suit to splash in the spray park or just lounge on the beach. Rent a bike, get lost in the hedge maze and explore the haunted lighthouse. These are just a few activities that await you on the island!