“La La La La. La La la la!. La La La La LA! Toopy Toopy, Binoo, Binoo, Toopey and Binoo…” Holy cow is that song ever stuck in my brain! Not that my children will remember going or ever appreciate me for taking them, but I braved a trip to Sunridge Mall today to see Toopy and Binoo live on stage.

Toopy & Binoo

Picture it: We walked into the mall. The low roar of toddlers and pre-schoolers was a little more intense, more turbulent than usual. We approached centre court and saw the hoards of children and dazed-looking parents milling around, jockeying for position in front of the larger than life blue sofa. A ‘handler’ was teasing the kids into even greater heights of frenzy. And then the music started and the enormous rat and cat (not to mention giant Patchy Patch) came out on stage to the loud approval of the audience of knee-biters. They spent 30 minutes dancing, laughing, doing bizarre tricks and darned if none of those kids moved an inch while they did it! If the Treehouse channel is like crack for babies, these live character shows are like a mainlined hit or something! And despite the insanity of it, I would recommend this show to anyone with toddlers. It was kind of cute, the little people seemed to enjoy it and everyone got a little goodie bag at the end.

And if nothing else, there is a Starbucks close to centre court, so the parents can get a dose of caffeine…

But seriously, every time I take my kids to something like this that I don’t personally enjoy, I can’t help but be thankful to my parents for all the crap they did for us that I know they hated! So while my babies may not specifically remember this one event, I hope that they grow up with the feelings of fun and contentment that things like this give them and throw the old lady a ‘thank you’ someday. 🙂