With Father’s Day just around the corner you may still be seeking the perfect gift for Dad.  If the Dad in your life is the kind of guy who celebrates May the Fourth, then DK Publishing’s Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle will be a HUGE hit.

I will be honest, I don’t get Star Wars.  Prior to meeting my husband I barely knew the franchise existed.  I think within the first week of our dating all three movies (yes, it was before the 2nd trilogy was created) had been shown to me.  So knowing that Star Wars trivia is lost on me, I gave my husband this new Star Wars book as an early Father’s Day present.  I knew I couldn’t write this review on my own; I needed the input of a Star Wars geek!

He LOVED it!  The Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle is the best trivia book he has read.  The structure of the books is quite intriguing: non-Star Wars news items are married with Star Wars events in the 98 year chronology.  Certainly it is geared towards the Star Wars-loving audience but there are countless historical factoids that everyone would enjoy.  My husband has gleefully flipped through the book a few times but he is no where close to having read everything.  There is so much crammed into this book.

The book starts in 1914 (when Winsor McCay pioneered the new animation technique of coloured images) and ends in the summer of 2009 (when George Lucas begins his retirement process from Lucas films).  Each of the 317 pages is chock full of colourful photos, interesting trivia and informative Star Wars details.  The history in between the trilogies (1982-1995) before the announcement of the prequels was most intriguing.  Another fascinating thread through the entire book was the partnership of Star Wars and Disneyland: the opening of Star Tours and the creation of the Jedi Training Academy.

My husband loves the book and I’m sure the dad in your life will feel the same.  In honour of Father’s Day, DK Publishing has a sale on this Star Wars book.  Click here to receive the special rate.

I rate the Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual Chronicle four out of four Ewoks!