Chelsea Hotel

digital detox. Photo Melody Wren
How to Have an Urban Digital Detox in Downtown Toronto

Welcome to Part One of a series on Digital Detox; exploring how to do a complete disconnect from technology while travelling to different destinations. A digital detox is going without technology for a certain period so phones, TV, radio, computers – anything that connects us to the outside world are
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CN Tower
Wintry Weekend Getaway in the City of Toronto

It has been an exceptionally cold winter in Ottawa with temperatures regularly hovering around -20 C. Our family needed a break and an early February weekend trip to Toronto fit the bill perfectly. The forecast for – 1 C seemed positively balmy compared to Ottawa. Where to Stay The Chelsea
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Big Family Travel Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!
Big Family? Here Are Some Unique and Affordable Accommodations for Big Broods!

Let’s face it. Travelling as a family of five or more in an accommodation world built for four can be challenging. I know this all too well. When my kids were small, it was possible—though never preferable—to cajole the wee three into one bed. Now that the oldest tops me
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View of Toronto skyline from the ferry
Toronto is the perfect big city mother daughter getaway!

My best mother-daughter moment in Toronto–and there were many– came unexpectedly at twilight inside the CN Tower. “The world is a beautiful place,” my nearly nine-year-old daughter murmured happily to herself as she pressed closer to the window on the outdoor terrace observation deck to gaze out over the lights
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