Hoodoos: The Silent Giants of the Badlands

In a great big world that seems to move faster every day, a trip to Alberta’s southern Badlands is the perfect vacation to discover a little something about yourself. It’s not just the massive and famous Royal Tyrell Museum where you can get up close and personal with the creatures
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hunting for Canadian Fossils
Four Hotbeds of Canadian Fossils: They’ll make your Dino Lovers Roar!

“I think I found coprolite mom. That’s dinosaur poop, you know.” I did, in fact, know what coprolite was – but I had no idea my five-year-old was so informed on the topic. On one of the hottest days of the summer, our family of five had embarked on the
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New Dinosaur Species
See the New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Alberta!

Starting June 4th, 2015, you can see “Hellboy” the new dinosaur species discovered in Alberta, at the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta! A dinosaur named after a comic book character? Get ready for every 8 year old (or 8 year old at heart!) you know to lose their minds
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Beyond the Museum Drumheller Featured Image
Beyond the Museum: A Drumheller Weekend Getaway

Here’s a random question for you: which Albertan urban centre is comparable to Las Vegas, in the eyes of a five year old? If you guessed Drumheller, please come and collect your prize. Wait, no one guessed Drumheller? Really, no one? Well, I guess I’ll keep this Stegosaurus T-shirt to
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