Kitchen Adventures

Israeli Cookalong Humus Credit Miriam Kresh
Israel in the Kitchen with Israel Cookalong {Recipes}

People may be travelling more locally these days, but you can still discover the magic of other cultures from the comfort of home. With Israel Cookalong, a real-time cook-along over Zoom, you can taste the exuberant flavours of Israel, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Appetizers, salads, main courses and
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The Kitchen Tourist: Pasta Edition – Home Made Noodles!

One of the most exciting parts of any trip is the regional food. Cuisines around the world take your taste buds on an adventure that is every bit as exciting as skiing, hiking, or visiting renowned museums. Street food, fine dining with celebrated chefs, or even just tasting a fruit
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Spanish Food With Kids-Tortilla & Gazpacho(Photo Credit Adan Cano Cabrera)
Meals From Around the World at Home: Spanish Food with Kids

Tortilla española and gazpacho are two of Spain’s most iconic dishes. Tortilla Cake When I took a school trip to Spain in grade twelve, I kept seeing tortilla on menus. The only tortilla I knew was the Mexican flatbread, so I assumed the Spanish restaurateurs were borrowing from Mexico. They
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Korean Food with Kids GIRL EATING JAPCHAE photo credit Adán Cano Cabrera
Meals From Around the World at Home: Korean Food with Kids

Before having a family, travelling was completely different. Once upon a time, when I was totally unencumbered, I wanted to move to one of two countries: either Peru to learn Spanish or Korea to make a tidy sum of money. I went to a bookstore to check out the guidebooks,
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Mexican Food for Kids Molletes with Pico de Gallo and Apple Oatmeal Smoothie Photo Credit Adan Cano Cabrera
Meals From Around the World at Home: Mexican With Kids

I can’t swing a family trip to some far-flung destination every day, but I can make teaching my kids about cultures around the world a daily event. My husband is from Mexico, so we have a vested interest in teaching our kids about that particular country, and one of our
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