Is the RV Life Right for Our Family? We Took an RV Rental on the Road to Find out.

Cabin fever hit us hard during Ontario’s last lockdown. But what were our options? Buy a cottage? Too expensive. Move to an island and work remotely? Oh, so tempting but not feasible. “I got it!” I turned to my partner as we were binge-watching Oak Island, an addictive reality show
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Home Town Attractions: Ottawa this Fall!

If you’re looking to get away to enjoy the last of the warm weather before winter settles in, why not head to the National Capital Region? Crisp blue skies, fresh air alive with the scent of fallen leaves, and vivid colours make Ottawa an excellent autumn destination. Here are three
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OttawaSign - Ottawa - Photo Adrienne Brown
A Canadian Kid’s First trip to Ottawa

When my oldest son was three years old, one of his favourite books was a simple alphabet book illustrated with Canadian words and imagery. After hundreds of readings, “O is for Ottawa” is now ingrained in his 4-year-old brain so when I asked him if he wanted to visit “the
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Ottawa keep us coming back
Ottawa Keeps Us Coming Back For More!

Let’s be honest, no matter which season or how many times you visit, there’s always a reason to come back to Ottawa. Hop on a flight, take a drive, or my personal favourite, go VIA Rail and take in the views with the added stress. Our Nation’s Capital is always
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Canada 150 Rink in Ottawa - Photo Credit Sabrina Pirillo
A Magical Winter Wonderland in Ottawa

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty in our own backyard, and let’s be honest, Canada has a pretty incredible playground, with our national capital, Ottawa, at the helm. During the winter months, Ottawa turns into a magical winter wonderland, offering many activities and festivals that are fitting for any
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Canada 150 National Capital Region - View from Gatineau
Five New Things to Do in Canada’s National Capital Region

It’s a nationwide birthday bash this year and what better place to celebrate than in the heart of Canada, Ottawa and Gatineau. Tourism offerings have been ramped up big time here in the national capital region. Here are 5 things to do in Canada’s national capital region including a few
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Parliament Hill Ottawa - What Makes you Proud to be a Canadian?
“What Makes You Proud To Be Canadian?” Contest [CONTEST CLOSED for 2017]

Win a Trip to Ottawa! Every year, the government of Canada asks youth from 8 to 18 years old across Canada to describe what makes them proud to be Canadian. For the 2016 What Makes You Proud to be Canadian? contest, entrants may draw a picture, take a photo, or write a
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