Panorama Mountain Resort Chairlift Photo Credit Melissa Vroon
The Non Skiing Mom’s Guide to a Ski Vacation at Panorama Mountain Resort

Originally Published March 8, 2019 I got to the bottom of the hill after my first run, took off my skis and walked back to the rental shop. Is everything alright, they asked? Yup, I replied, no issues with the gear, I’m just done. For the day? But you’ve only
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Soaring above the Snow: Winter Paragliding

“Are you ok?” the chairlift operator asked as I scrambled to my feet after bailing hard exiting the chair lift at the top of Panorama Mountain Resort in Invermere, British Columbia. I decided to credit his concerned expression to my current situation, not his worry over how this clearly inept
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Finding the mountain magic at Panorama Mountain Resort, BC (Family Fun Canada)
Finding Mountain Magic at Panorama Mountain Resort: On the Slopes, and Off!

Mountain magic – do you know it? If you’ve ever experienced winter outside the city and amongst the peaks, you probably know what I mean. There’s something special about the combination of cold snow and ice, natural beauty, rustic architecture, and getting chilly [outdoors] before getting warmed up [indoors] that makes a cold Canadian winter
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Panorama Mountain Resort: Fun for the Whole Family

A family winter getaway to Panorama Mountain Resort in southeastern BC is so… hmm, what’s the best word? Oh yeah… it’s so easy. Now, hold on a second, I’m not talking about the runs; there’s plenty of vertical for even the most daring of daredevil downhillers. No, what I’m referring
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