How I Spent my Summer Vacation – Saskatchewan Style

I’m a full-time mom who writes from home, so summer vacation isn’t ALWAYS a vacation. But we only had two months to live it up now that my son is in Kindergarten, so this is how I spent my summer vacation: trying to do it all! We had a true
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Saskatoon Food - Odd Couple - Photo Sabrina Pirillo
Babysitter Worthy Restaurants in Saskatoon

The momentum of Saskatoon’s culinary scene is taking off like a mom to a back to school sale.  There are many new restaurants and revitalised neighbourhoods offering a unique perspective for the culinary scene. They’ve gone beyond being the world’s largest exporter of mustard seed and flat prairie lands; there’s
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Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan-Mac-Photo Sabrina Pirillo
From The ‘Toon to the Capital: A Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan

Take everything you think you know about Saskatchewan and then throw it right out the window. Did you know that the first season of Amazing Race Canada (2013) featured a pit stop at the RCMP Depot in Regina, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police train every member across Canada?  Or
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Wanuskewin Tipi Sleepover
Humility, Imagination and the Elements–Spending a Night in a Tipi at Wanuskewin

As we roll up to Wanuskewin Heritage Park 5km northwest of Saskatoon, the skies are moody. There’s a foreboding black cloud to the east, the air is uncharacteristically damp, and my Weather Network app tells me it will be 4 degrees overnight. I’m not a camper by any stretch of
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Saskatoon is all the rage
Which Canadian Prairie City is All The Rage in 2018?

Last year it was featured in Vogue and then USA Today. This year, a certain understated city is the only Canadian destination to be named in the New York Times 52 Places to Go list! That’s right, ladies and gentleman, you heard it here! The humble, prairie city of Saskatoon is
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Charmed by Saskatoon

This place is awesome!” My son happily declares as we survey the beautiful banks of the South Saskatchewan River from aboard the Prairie Lily river boat. The city of Saskatoon is weaving its spell over him. “Why did you ever leave?” At 12 years old I had little to do
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