An aspiring surf sister is about to hit the waves at Cox Bay Beach_Lisa Kadane photo
Tofino’s Nature-Based Activities Guarantee Family Fun on Vancouver Island

“I could live in Tofino,” my 15-year-old daughter declares after just a few days in this tiny town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We’ve ventured west from Kelowna, trading the dry landscape and smoky sky of the Okanagan Valley for misty mornings and wide beaches ringed by rainforest.
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Family Surfing in Tofino Bracey Photography
A Family Surfing Adventure in Tofino – The Wetsuits are the Worst Part!

There was a brief pause in the surf in which I caught my husband’s eye, and we shared a smile that said Can you believe it? We finally found an activity that everyone is enjoying at the same time! Anyone with multiple children knows the struggle of trying to please
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Learning to surf on Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall
Cool Waves and a Hot Cup of Tea: Learning to Surf on Fistral Beach in Newquay, Southwest England

Fistral is rainy today, but the air is warm and the surf is beautiful as it pulls out the tide, leaving a vast stretch of brown, glossy beach. The water churns regular rolling whitecaps, just perfect for the new surfer. Since it’s early in the morning, there are only about two other
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