A still Sonora morning - Photo Sabrina Pirillo
Epic Family Adventures in British Columbia: Relaxing Sonora Resort & Urban Vancouver

On the West Coast of Canada, you’ll find license plates that read Beautiful British Columbia. For anyone who’s visited this breathtaking province, you understand why. Over the holidays, I read an article that explained why it is so important to give your kids experiences, not tangible items such as toys.
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Canadas got art - Peace Bridge Calgary - Photo courtesy Tourism Calgary
Canada’s Got (Public) Art! 6 Iconic Art & Architecture Pieces That Inspire

Cool public art and architecture is a drawing point for many travellers, an educational tool for young visitors and their families. It’s a wonderful way to learn about the world. Here are some fun artistic and architectural attractions to check out in cities across Canada:   Digital Orca, Vancouver Douglas
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Luxe or Budget, a Mom’s Weekend Away in Vancouver Is the Perfect Recharge!

  In the hamster wheel of life, sometimes it’s necessary to fly off the edge of the ever-turning wheel, disrupt the cycle of sleep, parent, eat, work, parent, clean, repeat. Even better if you land in some big, soft beds with wine, scrumptious food and your best gals within very
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A look at Canada's Olympic cities: the history and legacy of games in Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver.
Canada’s Olympic Cities: Then and Now, Plus How to Visit

As Rio de Janeiro puts the finishing touches on their venues and plans for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games (August 5-21, 2016) and some of the world’s best athletes conclude years of training in anticipation, we’re remembering Canada’s own Olympic games. Over the past 40 years three Canadian cities have had the honour (and the
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Canada is Hollywood north and great shows and films are produced here!
Hollywood North: What’s Filming in Vancouver and Calgary

The summer filming season is in full swing in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, as well as Calgary and southern Alberta. There are lights, cameras, and actors wandering around in heroic tights or period costumes everywhere you look. You might be surprised to find that some of your favorite shows are made
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Hometown Tourism in 3 easy steps
Hometown Tourism in 3 Easy Steps!

Ever the multi-tasker, I recently decided to combine family time with physical exercise. “Today”, I announced ominously one Saturday morning, “we are going on a family hike.” Groans “We’re going to explore the trails on Burnaby Mountain” More groans followed by complaints that they were tired, or their legs hurt
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Out of Towners - Vancouver Skyline at Sunset Photo Credit Tourism British Columbia.
Where do you take your Out of Towners in Vancouver?

You have guests arriving, the days stretch out in front of you and your mind has drawn a complete blank – how are you going to keep your guests entertained while they visit you in Vancouver?  Here are some of my favorite Vancouver attractions to take out of towners that
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Aquarium Dolphins
Think Aquariums are Bad News? Think Again

With grandparents living in Vancouver, I spent many childhood summers surrounded by the ocean and some of my fondest memories as a child are at the Vancouver Aquarium. Yet I hesitated about taking my two daughters there for the first time this summer. Driven by the full-out ugly cry watching
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