Water Sports

The Authors daughter paddling Bronte Creek. Photo Denise Davy
Feeling Pandemic Cooped Up? Hit the Water in a Kayak!

My paddle slices through the water as I move swiftly down the river. The sound of the water lapping against my paddle is soothing and I take a deep breath in as I absorb the beautiful landscape around me. I hadn’t kayaked for years, decades in fact, so I wasn’t
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Turks and Caicos Islands: Where Turquoise Seas Entice With Watery Adventures

A tropical paradise of family fun and discovery, Turks & Caicos (TCI), is a British Territory located in the West Indies just south of the Bahamas and known for legendary diving, snorkelling, fishing, luxurious hotels and the “Best Beaches in the World”. TCI consists of seven main islands and 40
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Two if By Sea: Tandem Kayaking in Cape Breton

Our driver Jim gamely pulls to the side of the road yet again, the oohs and aahs  of his passengers entreating him for another scenery photo op; roughly the tenth time in the last hour. A Cape Bretoner born and raised, he teases “Another boat on the ocean needs ‘er picture taken,
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