What to see in Toronto in Any Weather

Here’s what to see and do in Toronto, in any weather! Toronto is a lot of things: it’s exciting, it’s multicultural, there’s always something happening. But known for excellent weather? I would argue, no. Between city-shuttering snowstorms and summer humidity that curls even the straightest of hair, the climate in
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Outdoor fire at HI Kananaskis Hostel - Photo Credit Tanya Koob
Plan a Family Overnight Kananaskis Winter Getaway

My family has taken an annual pre-Christmas Kananaskis Winter Getaway getaway for the last several years, and we always enjoy spending a couple of days with friends playing in the snow, skiing, hiking, and taking a break from the business of the holiday season. Later in the season we also enjoy
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Winter in Montreal - Montreal en Lumiere - Credit Frédérique Ménard-Aubin
Non Stop Winter Festivals and Winter Joy in Montreal

Winter doesn’t always arrive on our timetable; it comes unexpectedly, sets up shop and doesn’t leave for (sob) months. This year don’t take winter laying down! Embrace it in Montreal, a winter-city that doesn’t stop when the snow flies. Montrealers don’t hibernate; they take to the (ploughed) streets and party
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Canada's North - Inukshuk at Cameron Falls - Photo: JS Dinham
Canada’s North: Your Adventure Awaits, Get Ready to Explore!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was cold, even by Yellowknife standards, the kind of cold that will take your breath away, but I had quickly learned that when you step outside at -40 C, breathe shallowly, through your nose. Only rookies take that deep breath that
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