Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

The Milk River runs through Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park. Photo Carol Patterson
Long Time Dreaming and Road Tripping in Southeast Alberta

The last few months of COVID-19 lockdowns may seem a nightmare but as travel restrictions ease, southeast Alberta is a perfect place for dreaming of late summer fun. Road trips along Canada’s back roads can introduce you to lesser-known but globally significant attractions and reignite your imagination. At the Alberta
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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (Family Fun Canada)
Rivers, Rocks, and Rattlesnakes?! Why Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is a Natural Playground

Our Montana friends, just south of the border, call it Big Sky Country for a reason. In the summer, the land stretches quietly out in front of you, with gently swaying fields of grasses and brilliant blue sky as far as you can see. The day we drove to Writing-on-Stone
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The Canadian Badlands are rich in history! We start with cowboys, back in First Nations history, all the way back to the time of dinosaurs.
Picturing the Past in the Canadian Badlands

Under the sun on the rugged landscape in Writing-on- Stone Provincial Park, our guide passes around a copy of a photo from 1924 of a Blackfoot (Pikuni) elder called Bird Rattle, etching a petroglyph that commemorates the journey he took to this special place. Our group passes the photo around, drawn
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