Tail Wags owl cover

Could kids’ protective gear get any cuter?  Hats, or rather helmets, off to Karyn Climans for designing the Tail Wags products which are ridiculously appealing to kids and make life a whole lot easier for parents.

I don’t know about you but every time I slap a helmet on my kids I cease to recognize them.  Whether it be on a crowded ski hill or amongst the herd of kids riding bikes in our back lane, I’m always struggling to pick out which of the 4ft and under crowd belongs to me. But not anymore!

We first experienced the brilliance of the Tail Wags helmet covers while on a family ski trip to Sun Peaks Resort in BC. Having never taken our kids skiing I didn’t realize that keeping track of the munchkins would be such a big issue. Once you send your littlest loves off on a ski lesson they instantly blend in with the 5 million other little kids dressed head to toe in either black, blue or pink. Thank heavens for the bright blue blowfish helmet cover which made our eldest super easy to see from quite a distance! Despite the darker colour of our youngest’s Tail Wags, the little ears sticking out made spotting him in the crowd much easier.

Tail Wags Blue Fish

The Tail Wags site has designs which appeal to all types of kids – and adults for that matter.  The covers fit over all types of helmets.  Since returning from our ski holiday, the covers have gone through the wash (and survived perfectly) and been re-assigned to the boys’ bike helmets.  I grin every time my owl and blue fish fly past on their bikes and I  can’t get over the number of compliments, inquiries and smiles the kids’ Tail Wags helmet covers have received.  Want to get your hands on Tail Wags for your little adventurers? Check out www.tail-wags.com.