I am a Valentine’s Scrooge myself but in the interest if not being a total killjoy I got to thinking about the little moments in life; things that make me laugh and things that make me smile are the things that make life awesome.

So instead of love and hearts and candy (although chocolate makes me very very happy too) here are some Laughy Smiley things in my life:

When the couple in front of me told the Barista at Starbucks their names were Ross and Rachel! The look of disbelief on the Barista’s face when she said “you’re kidding, right?” was matched by the couple’s exasperated reply of “Yea, we get that all the time…”

The bunches of daffodils and tulips in grocery stores right now that only cost a few dollars and look so pretty on my table. Even better, are the little green shoots of them coming up from the earth in my flowerbeds!


The day my daughter freaked out about a spider crawling down her window in the truck and the way her brother promptly responded that he wanted nothing more in the world than a pet tarantula.

When my daughter leans down to try and kiss her brother goodbye on the cheek before she goes to her line up at school.

The sound of chickadees chirping back and forth at each other in the mornings with their distinctive “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” and “cheeese-burger” calls. Such a great harbinger of spring!

Credit: Julien Osotimehin

Julien Osotimehin

When my friend burped in the middle of her first vlog

The way my son must always have the last kiss before bedtime. I can get about 10 kisses back before he gets fed up and tells me “go away now mom, it’s time for me to sleep”

When my husband laughs at my daughter’s mad look telling her “your angry look is identical to your mother’s, but not yet as effective”

Angry Face

What are some of your laughy smiley things?