There is an (unfounded) theory out there that Type A personalities are aggressively organised, pay meticulous attention to detail, schedule every moment and do not understand the idea of relaxation – a concept that is vital to a vacation. If you, or someone you love, exhibits Type A behaviour and you have a holiday coming up, here’s a step-by-step survival guide.

Step 1: The Planning Stages.

This stage is the most fraught for the Type A since Type B only wants to go with the flow, drifting where the wind goes, finding a cute hotel upon arrival and taking chances on un-reviewed dining and shopping experiences. Type A recoils in horror at this. If a hotel is not booked, you may wind up in a place with bed bugs. If restaurants are not scoped out, you may overpay for a meal. And shouldn’t you be close to a hospital and have the number of the embassy on hand?

Vacation planning with a Type A Personality

Type A has a point here. Big things that can affect the flow and budget of your vacation – like accommodations – should be researched and booked in advance. When travelling out of the country, you should know where your Nation-friendly supports are in case of natural disasters and other emergencies. However, Type A can compromise too. Finding new restaurants and attractions are fun. Just don’t do anything risky (a local hot spot to explore is okay but heading into a private residence in an unsavoury part of town to look at handmade jewellery is not).

Step 2: The Journey

By the time you pull up to the airport, Type A will have passports in hand, luggage pre-weighed, and loose change to tip the waiter for the hearty meal you will eat so you can avoid aeroplane food. Oh, you’ll also be about three hours early for your flight. Type B will only be annoyed at having to wake up so early.

Sorry Type B, but Type A wins this one too. You can make a plan on an acceptable time to travel while working on a contingency for traffic or weather delays. However, airports and terminals are crowded and stressful. Knowing what you can and cannot pack the allowable luggage weight, and having a balanced meal before hopping time zones is a great way to start a vacation.

Step 3: The Destination

Type A has each day planned out along with backup plans should a particular attraction be closed for the day. Type B just wants to soak up the sights and sounds of the destination without a schedule.

Dear Type A, here is where your lack spontaneity is going to hurt you. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on the best attractions, but by only focusing on those, you’ll miss seeing some lesser advertised local sights.

Before the trip, decide what is a must-see and what days you will see them. Build free time into the schedule to explore or even just take naps on the beach – and if you both can’t agree on what to do, simply plan for solo jaunts where each enjoys the vacation as they are most comfortable, then come together for dinner and discuss what you enjoyed about the day.

vacation planning with a Type A Personality

Type A and Type B can Have a Great Vacation Together

The organisation of Type A and the laid back, spontaneous ways of Type B actually result in a really great vacation! When combined into one dominant AB Type, your vacation is organised, on budget, and you hit the major hot spots, but you still have plenty of time to relax, explore, see the sights and quickly get emergency care if needed. Is that not the best of both worlds?

The next time you are ready to plan a vacation, value both personality traits and you’ll have a calm but exciting, organised but spontaneous, on budget but not constrained, vacation.