About 2 weeks ago I jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon with both feet. While late to this particular game, after watching every episode I now have two bleary eyeballs and some exceptionally exhausted tear ducts.

I. Love. Me. Some. Downton!

My favorite? Mr. Bates. From the start, Mr. Bates. While Branson may be easy to look at and Matthew’s eyes are the dreamiest, I swoon for Mr. Bates soft voice and strong demeanor and cheer for him (and Anna) always!

But I digress. It’s been tough to avoid the sirens call of Downton during the day when there’s work to be done and children to squire about the village. Ahem, I mean children to drive to lessons. Even the little voice inside my head is starting to sound like Mrs. Hughes soft burr.

If you love Downton too, you will love watching this video about how you can win a day with the cast of Downton Abbey on set in London

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