What do you pack in carry-on luggage? Likely the usual items like your passport, wallet, phone, charger, and some reading material? Or maybe a few practical things like a sweater, neck pillow, or eye mask?

I know packing for a trip is an overwhelming task. Your suitcase probably gets most of the attention with strategically packed outfits and toiletries for your trip. By the time you get to your carry-on, you probably just want to throw in the essentials and jet off to the airport. Remember, it’s important to give some love to your carry-on bag too!

Keep in mind, once you wave goodbye to your suitcase at the airport (and say a little prayer to the travel gods that it doesn’t get lost), your carry-on is your new bestie!

Carry-on items that you didn’t think of before!

Many travellers (including me) spend a lot of time stressing about what we are not allowed to bring on the plane. Focusing too much time on what not to bring in a carry-on can make us forget about some travel items that can be real game-changers. Speaking from first-hand experience, I’m sharing these tips for three things I put in my carry-on bag that has made my life so much easier when travelling.

1. Don’t forget to pack a few Ziploc bags.

Stashing a few Ziploc bags in your carry-on can be really handy in a pinch. I recommend packing a couple of size options from smaller sandwich bags to oversized storage bags. Use them to store clothes you’ve had to change due to a spill or stain. Or pop-in leftover food or snacks that you’d like to save for later. If you are looking for more sustainable options for Ziploc bags, there are many out there that are less wasteful and still work great!

2. Don’t forget to bring lavender oil.

Travel can be stressful, to say the least. Recently, I discovered the benefits of using lavender oil to relax when at the airport and on the plane. Lavender oil can be used as aromatherapy to help with anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. It has many other benefits like being used as an antiseptic and promoting sleep. Put a couple of drops of lavender oil on the inside of your wrists and under your nose. It smells good, and you’ll feel calmer in a matter of seconds. Aside from oil, there are now many brands of lavender wipes available that you can use to disinfect your hands, seat, and tray table on the plane.


3. Don’t forget to pack stomach remedies.

There is nothing worse than getting sick while travelling through airports and on airplanes. Getting on the plane when you can barely get off the toilet is not an easy task. I always pack stomach remedies in my carry-on and have used them on many occasions for myself and people travelling with me. Let me say they have literally saved us all from missing flights or having a miserable experience on the plane.

Anti-diarrhea and nausea medication are fast-acting and will likely help you be well enough to at least get on the plane and get to where you are going. Having to cancel an airline ticket at the last minute due to illness can cost a lot of money and time!


By Jody Ninah from Work Travel Repeat.

Jody is a ‘travelholic’ who is always in pursuit of the next adventure! She felt the need to collect all her advice, experience, and conversations into one place and created Work Travel Repeat, an online community where people can share travel tips, destination advice, and vacation inspiration.

When she’s not travelling, she works as a marketing director and social media manager for several clients in Western Canada. You can find her on Instagram: @jodyninahyeg,  Facebook: worktravelrepeatlife and Pinterest: worktravel_repeat.