Boy Girl

Just read an opinion piece in the Calgary Heraldabout a Toronto couple who is not sharing the gender of their 4 month old baby in the hopes of raising ‘it’  without societal expectations of gender.

Warning: This is where I would normally go off on a totally judgement, absolutely politically incorrect rant….If I could find the right words to express my thoughts about this.

I feel anger towards parents who want to use their child as a social experiment to fulfill their own selfish and self promoting ‘ideals’. I feel sympathy and pity for the child who has to bear the brunt of this decision on the playground.  It’s tough enough for kids out there among their peers without parents foisting idiocy upon them. And ultimately, what is wrong with letting girls be girls, boys be boys and both having the opportunity and choice to be themselves, however that may be?

Well I guess I did find the words.  Now you should too; tell us what you think.

EDITED: We have removed the links in this post to the Calgary Herald article called “Gender Storm raises debate about sex” by Licia Corbella as the original opinion piece was removed from the Calgary Herald online edition.