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My first taste of RVing was a revelation. We borrowed my in-law’s trailer and headed to a full service RV resort complete with full hook ups, cable TV, a recreation centre with indoor & outdoor pools, a hot tub and a racquetball court. It was so far removed from my experience that I couldn’t bring myself to call it camping and settled instead on calling it ‘vacationing’.

Mind you, I was also 8 ½ months pregnant and in no way interested in sleeping in a tent so ‘vacationing’ was just my thing.

In the years since that trip, we purchased a trailer and spend lots of time hooking up our home away from home and exploring different spots. We’ve been to the mountains, to the ocean, to the prairie and to the forest. We love them all.

RV Camping in the forest. GoRVing.ca!

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And because we often camp in more rustic campgrounds (no electricity!) our children have experienced a hands-off, roam-free kind of camping that I hope they will regard as a highlight of their childhood. I love that my kids learned to ride their 2 wheelers on gravel roads while we were camping. I love that they will explore the areas around our site, coming back with special stones, buckets of sand, or unique twigs to show us and I love that they always find a secret spot somewhere in the forest that will be their ‘clubhouse’ for that trip. While I may remember the name of each campground we visit (thanks to my camping journal) the kids remember their experiences at each campground as “the one with the giant rock” or “the one with the waterfall” or “the one where mommy lost her mind at us for jumping in the lake with our clothes and shoes on

This “Wildhood” video by GoRVing.ca describes my kind of camping to a ‘T’!

No matter what kind of camping you like to do there are certain perks to RVing. You will always have a comfortable bed, there’s a place for all your gear, ‘cooler’ food is a thing of the past, and if the weather goes sideways, you will have a snug, dry place to stay (or the option to pack up and go in a hurry!). Moreover, everyone pitches in while camping – washing dishes in a trailer sink is kind of fun, sweeping the trailer is way more fun than sweeping at home, and making your trailer bunk bed is cool!

Are you thinking of taking the plunge into RVing? You should! It is a big leap but our kids love it so much, it’s a decision we’ve never regretted.

Here are a few considerations for finding an RV for your family;

Tow Vehicle first

What is the tow rating and weight restrictions on your vehicle? This will determine the maximum size of RV that you should purchase. Most Mini Vans and mid sized SUV’s can easily handle smaller tent trailers but if you want a longer, hard sided trailer, you’ll need a pick up truck. If you are planning on getting a new vehicle, consider the capacity of the new vehicle. Do not get a rig that is heavier than what your vehicle can handle; not only will it wear out the tow vehicle faster, it is also dangerous, and illegal.

What kind of camping do you enjoy?

How you like to camp will be a big factor in determining the size of RV that you choose. If you want to bushwhack and go off the grid, you should consider a shorter unit that is easier to maneuver. Do you want to spread out in a luxury RV resort? A long rig with multiple tip outs will be perfect.

Visit a RV Dealership

Go around to RV dealerships to see the wide variety of trailer types (bumper tow, tent trailer, 5th wheel, class C) and all the different layouts available. Trailers are as unique as the families that choose them. They have bedrooms in front , bedrooms in back, bunk beds, king sized beds, 1 or 2 entry doors, single or multiple tip outs, kitchen on the curbside, kitchen on the outside, a toy hauler, giant 5th wheel, and more. There are merits to each type and seeing them in person is the best way to quickly gain an opinion of what will work for your family.

Check out GoRving.ca

GoRVing.ca has tools to help determine what RV is right for your family as well as tips for outfitting the trailer, packing, and finding campgrounds.

Take your time

An RV is an investment not an impulsive purchase. The right RV will be there when you’re ready to take the plunge!

RVing and enjoying the lake

Photo courtesy GoRVing.ca