Canadian cities refuse to hide from to winter’s harsh weather – in fact, some cities (like Edmonton, Alberta) have even developed Winter City strategies that include a blizzard of ideas to help citizens embrace winter life.

We’ve got four weirdly wonderful winter activities for you to try with your family this snowy season.

Kicksledding in Edmonton

Weirdly wonderful winter activities Kick sledders  credit Shirley McCuaig

Photo credit Shirley McCuaig

Once used for transportation and now a recreational sport, kicksledding is growing in popularity in Edmonton, Alberta. The City offers them to try at a few events each winter, or you can invest in your own. The modern kicksled (also called a “spark”) looks kind of like a seat on skis – the seat can be used for carrying a picnic lunch or a passenger. They’re a fun work out, and allow you transport small children without the upper body and back strain of pulling a sled or toboggan.

Ice fishing in Nova Scotia

A number of provinces offer twice-yearly program to encourage families to discover the enjoyment of fishing without needing to purchase a fishing license. Nova Scotia is one of the provinces to participate, offering an ice fishing event each year around Family Day. Find a friend who has invested in an ice fishing tent and heater and the activity becomes even more enjoyable!

Igloo building (nearly anywhere)

In 2013, a New Zealander visiting Edmonton built an incredible multi-coloured igloo using more than 300 milk cartons and coloured water. You don’t have to go to quite these extremes, but a child-sized igloo or fort building project could be just the thing to keep the kids busy outside. Be sure an adult is around to supervise, and explain to kids the difference between their project and snow bank tunnels, which are unsafe.

Tubing in the Rockies

Winter Activites Tubing in the Rockies.

Tubing in the Rockies. Photo Credit Tanya Koob

If skiing or snowboarding isn’t your thing, you don’t have to miss out on the ski hill experience. At Panorama Village outside of Invermere, British Columbia, you can fly down snow-covered hill on inflatable tubes usually associated with lake tubing.  Their snow tube park offers three lanes of exhilarating fun, in a 375 foot run with a 125 foot deceleration zone.