Nova Scotia

There's More to Peggy's Cove Than a Lighthouse: The Oceanstone Resort is a great base for off-season travels on Nova Scotia's South Shore
There’s More to Peggy’s Cove Than a Lighthouse: Off-Season Adventures on Nova Scotia’s South Shore

For  Nova Scotians, the landscape at Peggy’s Cove is our proudest portfolio, one of our best works. The palette of sparkling granite rocks, dark water and blue sky is undeniably Maritime, a morning spent leaping and bounding over the gigantic glacial boulders, exhilarating. Depending on the season and the weather,
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Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival | Kitschy Fun For Everyone

“What the heck are those?” we both blurted in unison. My husband and I were startled by the eery greeting of scarecrows welcoming us to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Their toothy grins and haunting stares were a combination of kitschy and creepy. Garish and gaudy, these handcrafted scarecrows are everywhere
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Train Station Inn Tatamagouche
A Child’s Dream: The Train Station Inn, and The Charming Village of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

It has been 30 years since the last train rolled past Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Since then, the old station, once scheduled for demolition, has been transformed into one of Canada’s most unique hotels, The Train Station Inn, where cabooses and boxcars make comfortable, unique accommodation, and a sophisticated dining car offers lunch
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Marble Mountain ski hill in Eastern Canada
The Appalachian Powder Trail: 12 Great Ski Hills in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada boasts plenty of amazing opportunities for downhill skiing.  Beautiful hardwood forests, minimal wait-time at the lifts, uncongested trails, sea views and of course, great maritime hospitality are all great reasons to visit ski hills on the East Coast.  This year, Atlantic Canada expects more winter adventure visitors than ever, especially
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Interview with a Mermaid

Fish or Fantasy? Entertainer or Ecologist? And what about that ban on Mermaid tails in Edmonton? Discover the secrets of a professional mermaid in this exclusive interview with Stephanie Brown, also known as Raina Mermaid, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.   1. One of the kids in our neighbourhood says that
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Digby Pines
8 Reasons our Family Loves The Digby Pines Resort in Digby, Nova Scotia

This summer, our family spent a long weekend in Digby Nova Scotia. After spending one amazing night at Whale Cove Campground in Digby Neck, followed by  a day of adventure Whale Watching on Brier Island, we settled into two nights of luxury at The Digby Pines Golf Resort and Spa. We didn’t
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Whale Cove Camping Nova Scotia
Rent-a-Tent (and Enjoy Fresh Lobster!) at Whale Cove Campground in Digby, Nova Scotia

The scenic drive from Digby to Brier Island, Nova Scotia offers incredible, lush summer views. Its dark trees are slightly reminiscent of the thick fairy-tale forests of Bavaria in Germany, which may explain in part  why this part of Nova Scotia is so popular with German and other European tourists.
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Whale Watching on Brier Island
Patience…and Exhilaration: Whale Watching on Brier Island, Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy, with a coast shared by Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, has the highest tides in the world. Small and relatively remote, Brier Island sits at the mouth of the bay, on  the tip of a thin spit called Digby Neck. Due to its location and natural
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Atlantica Hotel Halifax
Downtown Different: The Atlantica Hotel in Halifax Nova Scotia

I didn’t coin the phrase “Downtown Different”. It’s a marketing term used by the Atlantica Hotel in Halifax. But I can’t think of any better way to describe our new favourite family hotel, which is both downtown, different…and great for families. Let’s start with downtown. Located a 15-20 minute stroll away
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Weirdly wonderful winter activities Kick sledders credit Shirley McCuaig
More Weirdly Wonderful Winter Activities for your Family

Canadian cities refuse to hide from to winter’s harsh weather – in fact, some cities (like Edmonton, Alberta) have even developed Winter City strategies that include a blizzard of ideas to help citizens embrace winter life. We’ve got four weirdly wonderful winter activities for you to try with your family
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