California’s Screamin’ – Three Verrry Scarrry Theme Parks at Halloween

When fall comes creeping into Cali, it takes its time. In the daytime, it’s all sunnies and shorts, but at night you’ll feel a chill in your bones. Hotels seem eerily empty, which makes shoulder season a great time to dig up a deal. If you love Hallowe’en, get a
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Exclusive Offer! Discounted Disney Tickets for Canadian Residents

*** SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 – NEW TICKET OFFER ANNOUNCED FOR 2020*** *** UPDATE: NEW TICKET OFFER ANNOUNCED ON SEPTEMBER 25, 2019 *** For the third year in a row, Disney has released a new and exclusive discounted ticket offer for Canadian residents only! Disney doesn’t offer many deals and discounts
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Anaheim _ Southern California
Anaheim Southern California’s Hub for Theme Parks, Beaches and Stars!

Welcome to California, where the motto is Dream Big, and where dreams really do come true. There are so many incredible cities, towns and vibrant places to visit, where does one start? And how does one plan an unforgettable itinerary with a family? Begin in Anaheim southern California, an incredibly
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Sunny Days and Theme Parks: Your Guide to School Breaks in the O.C. and L.A. County

If you live in a place where winter has been pulling a heinous disappearing/reappearing act, (and even if you don’t live in Alberta) a summer trip (or spring break, or winter break!) where sunshine is virtually guaranteed seems like a solid plan. And if you are looking south of the
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Christmassy Mouse Ears - Hide Disneyland under the Christmas Tree
Hide Disneyland under the Christmas Tree

Its been a few decades since I was a kid but I remember dreaming of waking up on Christmas morning, running into the living room to find a trip to Disneyland wrapped up in a clever oversized box. Yeah, no matter how nice I was or how much I wished
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Disneyland is Calling and Kids Must Go!

Calling all pint-sized Jedi. Calling all wannabe princesses. Disneyland has the adventures you are looking for! No kidding! Now more than ever there are some great attractions that sing out to everyone in the family. Disneyland in Anaheim, California, is in the middle of celebrating it’s 60th anniversary celebration and
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Frozen | Meeting Anna and Elsa in Disneyland

Provided that you haven’t spent a considerable amount of time in total seclusion and cut off from the rest of society, you’ve probably heard of a little movie released last year called Frozen. Not only did it become the highest-grossing animated film of all time, but parents and kids alike
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Anabella Hotel
The Anabella and The Hotel Menage: Two Family Friendly Hotels near Disneyland

One of the most challenging parts of planning a family vacation is find the best accommodations for your needs. While review sites can be helpful, I frequently disregard the more extreme reviews at either end of the spectrum (both positive and negative) as completely skewed and base my decision on
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Aquarium of The Pacific-hammerhead shark
3 Great Southern California Attractions that do not start with a Disney or end with Land!

Our Family Travel Adventures in Southern California at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Discovery Science Centre & Pirates Dinner Adventure

Queen Mary - At the Helm
Exploring Southern California Naval History at The Queen Mary, USS Iowa & Nixon Presidential Library

So what else is there to do in Southern California if you want to do more than Disneyland and other theme parks? LOTS!! In one week, we visited 3 theme parks, but we also visited a number of unique local attractions. I think there is time on every vacation to
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