james bond spectre

London, Tokyo, Tangier…Winnipeg? 007’s Manitoban roots are showing! Here’s what you need to know about how Manitoba is a home away from home for the suave, dashing, international spy who loves us, James Bond.

It may be easier to picture Bond, James Bond on the banks of the Seine than where the Assiniboine and the Red Rivers meet, but the truth is Winnipeg has a claim to the spy with a license to kill that is indisputable. Bond creator Ian Fleming made no secret that the international man of mystery was based on his friend, William Stephenson. Stephenson was a Winnipeg native who found a global role in spy craft and acted as an adviser to President Roosevelt and confidante of Prime Minister Churchill.

The folks at Travel Manitoba would love to see Bond return home for his next cinematic adventure, and have plotted where he might be found in Friendly Manitoba. Barring that, you can take up the mantle and hit some highlights Bond himself would savour, like:

Swimming belly to belly with beluga whales in Churchill during the summer

-A Viking battle at Islendingadagurinn, Manitoba’s oldest cultural festival

viking battle reinactment in James Bond's Spectre

Viking Battle e-enactment
Copyright Travel Manitoba

-A romantic rendezvous at Winnipeg’s new Nordic spa experience Thermëa.

-Cracking the Hermetic Code at the Manitoba Legislature

-Take in the suave, sophisticated architecture at the venerable Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg in James Bond movie Spectre

The iconic Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg
Copyright: Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Your family’s Bond-themed vacation in Manitoba will leave you shaken AND stirred!