Post-COVID Dreaming: Three Places I Want to Visit Someday

Why do we travel? There are many answers to that question, each as different as the person answering. I love to travel for both adventure and relaxation. The world is such an interesting place. Being in a new city or country can heighten your awareness of life: both the differences
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Searching for the sign of a good motel - photo by Emily Overes
Motel Hell-O: Tales of Stays Gone Wrong and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes even the most road-ready travellers, those paragons of research, and disciples of detail manage to wind up in less than stellar accommodations. What happened? And how can you avoid falling into the same trap? Meet five seasoned travel correspondents, people you would never expect to find spending the night
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Travel trends for 2020: Wellness in Japan
12 Travel Trends for 2020 That Will Transform the Way You Think About Travel

Fasten your seat belts – there are some very interesting travel trends on our radar. In 2020 more people will turn to travel advisors, professional photographers, and even astrologers to help get the best out of their trip, while in the business world, experts predict a rise in Canadian airfares
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Cape Town
Get Away to Cape Town’s Vibrant Waterfront, Natural Beauty and Colourful Streetscapes

With a vibrant waterfront, abundant natural beauty and colourful streetscapes it’s no wonder that Cape Town, South Africa is consistently rated as a top tourist destination. An African Welcome Water, water, everywhere but soon, not a drop to drink.  That was the dilemma confronting Cape Town when I was scheduled
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Backroads, beaches and Bush, Eastern Cape of South Africa
Backroads, Beaches and Bush: the Eastern Cape of South Africa

Driving the Backroads of the Eastern Cape “When you look at the farmhouses, what do you see?” asks our driver and guide Velile Ndlumbini as we drive through the rolling emerald hills of Qunu, in East Africa.  Tall stands of corn stretch to the horizon next to carpets of lush grazing
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Hear and send messages to Mandela at the Center for Memory in Johannesburg - photo Debra Smith
Mandela, Museums and Memories: Notes from Johannesburg, South Africa

It’s always good to know a few words in a local language, but that could be a challenge in Johannesburg, a city with 11 official languages. Our guide, T.K. Motosogi, from JMT Tours suggested that we learn a little Zulu, as it’s the most widely spoken. So we learned sawubona
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