Do you have summer plans already? If you are like most Canadians, chances are you’ll be staying close by. A survey by Travelzoo found that 47% of us won’t be venturing beyond our borders, and a 36% will travel stateside, but no further. In an article for Yahoo Finance, Andrew Seale cites the threat of terrorism, the dismal Canadian dollar, and the Zika virus as prime reasons Canadians are opting to stay home.

Regardless of the reason you may choose a domestic holiday over an international one, rest assured that our home and native land offers fantastic options for vacations. While your choices for amazing Canadian vacations are pretty much endless, you may find the toughest part is narrowing it down! Here, in no particular order, are five of our faves for a fabulous summer, close to home!

Babes in the Woods

Visitors at Lomond Campground on Bonne Bay at night. / Des visiteurs au terrain de camping Lomond sur Bonne Bay au crépuscule.

Camping at Gros Morne National Park
Credit Parks Canada- Dale Wilson

The tried and true Canadian classic is camping, of course! More Candians are camping than ever this year, because it can be an easy and inexpensive trip. If you are looking for the best spots to pitch your tent, look no further than these 5 best Campgrounds in Canada.

Captain of your own domain

Who wouldn’t love cruising the multi-hued waterways and majestic lakes that dot our fair country? Grab another family, some supplies and a jaunty captain’s hat and set off on your very own nautical adventure! A houseboating vacation can be comparable in price to a trip farther afield, to be sure. To alleviate some of the sticker shock, why not look into booking your trip in the spring or fall shoulder season?

On the Road Again

Road trips don’t have to be the way they used to be. I still get a little twitchy thinking about the hot, boring, brother-kicking drive from Saskatoon to Vancouver my family made every year when I was growing up. You may have similar memories: Dad hell-bent on making “good time,” Mom carefully doling out starvation rations of gummy bears, sibling wantonly looking out your window and crossing The Line into your space (hence the kicking.) By shifting the goal from the destination to enjoying the journey, you can get a lot of joy from a car trip. It’s true! Just don’t forget the tunes!

Taking it to the Lake

Canadian canoe trip

Canoeing? A Canadian vacation must!

Cottage Country in Ontario is renowned as an idyllic setting to spend the summer. Grey County is the perfect home base to station yourself! Choose from outdoor adventures, cultural happenings, or relax to the max in your own little corner of heaven. Don’t own a cottage or know someone who does? You can easily rent one for a week or a month using various sites such as or VRBO.

Hometown and Happy

Hometown Tourism in 3 easy steps

No matter where you live, there are probably a few things you have always meant to do, but never found the time. A staycation is the perfect opportunity to play tourist in your own city and do those things you’ve wanted to do! Not sure where to start? Check out your local tourist information office. They have a treasure trove of experiences around town, and it’s so much fun to see your town through the eyes of a visitor. Bonus points for checking into a hotel! Your concierge is a great resource to point you in the right direction with local events, great places to eat, and hidden spots to explore!