5 of Canada's Best Summer Festivals (Family Fun Canada)
Celebrate the Sunny Season North of the 49th: 5 of Canada’s Best Summer Festivals

Sure, being unique and original and doing things your own way are great ways to live your life, but sometimes it’s A-OK to follow the crowd… like when that crowd is headed to an awesome festival! Whether it’s because most of our country gets too much a whole lot of winter every
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Québec City's Winter Carnival and the Magic of Bonhomme
Québec City’s Winter Carnival and the Magic of Bonhomme

Bonhomme is much more than just a snowman.  To the Québecois, Bonhomme is as real as you, or me…or the Tooth Fairy! Jolly Bonhomme Carnaval  is The King of Winter. To some children (and most adults) he is more magical than Santa Claus. At 7 feet tall, and allegedly made of snow,
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Peter and the Starcatcher is part of the Shaw Festival at Niagra on the Lake
Peter and the Starcatcher at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake

“Who wants to go to the theatre?” As soon as I said it, my girls (ages almost twelve and just turned six), lost interest in whatever they were doing and started peppering me with questions; “what play, where, what’s it about and when do we go?” My seven year old
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The Biggest Canadian Summer Fairs & Exhibitions

Synonymous with summer, there’s a good chance that if you live in or around any major Canadian city, you’re among the many eagerly counting down the days until your local fair or exhibition opens for the season. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of your favourite rollercoaster or the mouth-watering smell
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5 Music Festivals you can enjoy with kids
Sex, drugs, rock & roll and diapers? Music Festivals with Kids!

I’m by no means a festival addict, but I’ve been to a wide variety of music festivals since discovering them in high school. I wasn’t much more than a kid myself when I attended my first all weekend festival … but would I take my kids to a music festival?
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festival of the grape
Festival of the Grape: Wine Festival Season in the Sunny Okanagan

Early October is Wine Fest time in the Okanagan Valley and the Festival of the Grape in Oliver, BC has become a premier event with a distinctly family-friendly vibe. They have grown from 300 attendees the first year, to well over 4,000 this year. “2014 is our breakout year,” says
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Festival of the Grape Stomping (C) Paul Eby 877-750-3800
Kids can Celebrate Festival of the Grape at the Chateau de Kids Fun Zone!

It would be too hard to list all the reasons the Okanagan valley of Canada is so incredible, but “top wine making region” certainly factors up there for me! Coming from a Greek family, wine was a part of every special occasion. I recall feeling extra important when at Christmas
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Happy Family Together
Can Your Kids Handle a Summer Festival?

Like many parents in Canada, my husband and I do our best to expose our kids to a wide range of cultural activities. Since we met through our mutual love of music, it’s natural that we want to bring our kids along to some concerts and festivals, and not just
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