There’s More to the Crowsnest Pass Than You Think!

Sometimes getting away from it all is as easy as heading out to explore your own backyard. The Crowsnest Pass, a two-and-a-half-hour drive southwest of Calgary, offers year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. While spring is just around the corner, there is still an opportunity to enjoy a winter visit. Southwestern Alberta is
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Museums in Western New York Photo #2 Explore And More kids playing Photo by Drew Brown
3 World-Class Museums Your Family Won’t Want to Miss in Western New York

Up for a terrific tri-city museum tour? Three new museums in Niagara Falls, Buffalo and Jamestown, are worth the trek to western New York. First, learn the fascinating history of the Underground Railroad, which helped slaves escape to freedom across the Niagara River in Niagara Falls. Then travel half an
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Visitors to St. Eugene Resort will enjoy golf and nature while experiencing indigenous culture - Photo Carol Patterson
St. Eugene Resort Helps You Learn More Than a Fifth Grader About Canada’s Indigenous History

I ran screaming across the lawn at British Columbia‘s St. Eugene Resort, my lungs burning as my shriek faded away. Surely I had recreated a strength-training feat of a Ktunaxa warrior. “Nope,” smiled Jared Teneese – coordinator for Ktunaxa Nation’s Traditional Knowledge and Language sector – “this was usually a
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A proud gardener at Upper Canada Village demonstrates how the vegetables are grown - Photo Jan Feduck
Tasty Time Travel: Food History at Canada’s Historic Sites

Children sat quietly around a harvest table eating with their family and talking about what farm chores needed to be done for the day. This French family was dining as if in the 1700s at New Brunswick’s Acadian Village. A little boy, visiting with his family stood around the outside
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Welcome Home! Canada Sign in Halifax Photo Jennifer Morton
Travelling Your Roots: A Return to Canada

Returning to Canada after a lengthy absence, Jennifer Morton discovers the joys of ‘coming home’. When I left Canada on a 12-month working holiday to Australia in 2001, I had no idea that I would end up calling Down Under home. But, like a travel cliché, I met a cute
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Wanuskewin Tipi Sleepover
Humility, Imagination and the Elements–Spending a Night in a Tipi at Wanuskewin

As we roll up to Wanuskewin Heritage Park 5km northwest of Saskatoon, the skies are moody. There’s a foreboding black cloud to the east, the air is uncharacteristically damp, and my Weather Network app tells me it will be 4 degrees overnight. I’m not a camper by any stretch of
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Virgina - Jim and Dottie have seen some changes in Lynchburg, but they love their lunch dates at Market and Main - Photo Debra Smith
Falling In Love with Virginia

Like its state slogan says, Virginia is for lovers – especially if you love the outdoors, history and romance. Here are three short trips around the state, tailor-made for falling in love with Virginia. Romance from Lynchburg to Luray “If Hollywood is calling, tell them to get in touch, I’m
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Travelling Your Roots – The Journey Home to Scotland - MacdonaldCastleFerns - Credit Kaeleigh MacDonald
Travelling Your Roots – The Journey Home to Scotland

There it was. Nestled into the valley, dripping with vines and overgrown wildflowers, the castle! Its walls were crumbling, and it had no roof, but the majesty and history of the aged structure were not lost on us. “Wow,” my husband exclaimed. This was it. His family’s ancestral home, the
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kingslanding_Where history is awesome. Photo Jan Napier
Long Before Cell Phones at Kings Landing Historical Settlement

Sometimes I wish that cell phones had never been invented. So many of us, including our kids, are non-productively slumped over them for way too much time. What would it have been like in a simpler time, long ago? Step through a portal to the past at Kings Landing Historical
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Exploring Medalta Potteries in the Historic Clay District, Medicine Hat AB (Family Fun Canada)
The Alberta Industry That Clay Built: Exploring Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat’s Historic Clay District

Standing inside the cool, spacious and dimly lit brick-walled beehive kiln at Medalta Potteries, watching my seven year old daughter crane her neck to see to the top of the curved ceiling, it’s hard to imagine the same space crammed from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with hundreds to thousands of clay objects stacked in
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