Canada’s Wonderland: Let Your Teens Lead the Way

“I’m not sure I really like roller coasters.” We had just pulled into the parking lot of Canada’s Wonderland and caught a glimpse of the towering roller coasters doing their dry run before the gates opened. I raised an eyebrow at my oldest, the one who was having second thoughts,
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Boston Skywalk Photo Sarah Deveau
One on One Weekend Away? Take Your Teen to Boston

“Wanna go see Twenty One Pilots in Boston?” I asked my 13-year-old daughter. The answer was a resounding yes to the concert, but hesitation over the destination. “Is there anything I’d like to do in Boston?” she asked. I assured her there would be plenty of things to do that
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Toronto With Teen? Time to Take on the City!

As we’re whisked like royalty into the newly opened Hotel X Toronto, staring into a lobby of nearly 10-metre ceilings, gorgeous floor mosaic tiling, oversize flowerpots, and an impossibly cool living wall of plants taking pride of place behind the front desk, I hear my teenage daughter marvel: “What kind
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Loving Las Vegas with Teens

It may come as a surprise, but the famous oasis in the desert serves up a lot more than a 24/7 buffet menu of casinos and slot machines. Las Vegas can be an exciting place for families with teenagers looking for authentic off-grid experiences, thrilling adventures, and great eats. Lip
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Teen friendly La Paz Swim with Sharks
5 Teen-Approved Activities in La Paz

Teens, and their slightly younger counterparts, tweens, are an amusing yet enraging bunch. Acting loving one minute, sullen the next, endlessly excited about the smallest things, yet equally overwhelmed by them, you just never know what you are going to get. Planning a vacation with such capricious creatures can be a
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Moon Palace Cancun Activities for Teens
7 Resorts to Satisfy the Most Choosy Traveller – Your Teens & Tweens!

It’s one thing to fret over travelling with babies and toddlers (sleep patterns, misplaced loveys, milk pump!) but what happens as the kids get older? It absolutely becomes easier to travel with older, more independent children, but the next stage of travel planning brings the desire to ensure their needs
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The excitement of Broadway shows is like nothing else. Credit: Pixabay
How to Navigate the Lights of Broadway With Teenagers

“They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway…” For starry-eyed young musical theatre superfans, Broadway is the Mecca, the Super Bowl; it’s Legit. Here’s how to navigate the musical streets of Broadway in New York City with teenagers. What Show to Choose? Broadway shows are always changing. Long-running favourites
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- Two Daughters, Two Spas, One Happy Mom
Mother’s Day Spa Retreat – Two Daughters, Two Spas, One Happy Mom

By Anne Bokma When my oldest daughter was in Grade 7 and screamed “I hate you!” because I was nagging her to clean her room, an older friend of mine, who had grown daughters, reassured me: “Don’t worry,” she told me. “She’ll like you again when she’s in Grade 12.”
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