Fun winter activities Columbia Valley Cross Country Skiing

Having grown up in relatively flat Nova Scotia, I’ve never gotten the hang of skiing and snowboarding. I don’t relish the idea of throwing myself down the side of a mountain with boards strapped to my boots (though I will cross country ski, as you can see in the photo). However, that doesn’t mean I want to hibernate and miss out on all the frosty fun winter has to offer.

This year, I was determined to find outdoor activities I’d actually enjoy. Imagine my surprise at discovering I can enjoy activities like golfing, tubing, hiking and fishing, knee deep in snow!

4 Unique Winter Activities!

Fore! Snow Golf? Yes Please!

In Invermere, British Columbia, I enjoyed hitting a few brightly coloured golf balls at the Annual Kinsmen Club Snow Golf Tournament. Organizers spray-painted 18 holes out of Lake Windermere’s Taynton Bay and participants walked or drove golf carts around the course, finishing at the 19th hole (aka The Station Neighbourhood Pub).


No need to don a swimsuit (or rent a boat) to enjoy sliding and bouncing on an inflatable tube. At Nakiska ski area in Kananaskis, Alberta, a conveyer lift takes snow tubers to the top of a decent-sized hill to enjoy two sliding tracks. The kids loved tubing – we’re going to try Mt. Norquay’s tube park next, then the one at Panorama Mountain Resort.

Hiking thru a Winter Wonderland

An avid hiker before kids, I lost my lust for climbing up mountains in my spare time around the same time I seemed to LOSE ALL MY SPARE TIME. Each winter I’d vow to enjoy the summer when it finally arrived by getting back into hiking, but this winter I decided to stop procrastinating and try winter hiking. I trekked through Grotto Canyon in Canmore, Alberta, but you can find local hikes safe to trek in the winter by checking out hiking blogs.

Ice Fishing; it’s not just for the crazies

With the proper equipment (tent, heater, alcohol) ice fishing can be just as enjoyable as regular fishing (i.e. not at all). The kids quickly bored of staring at the hole in the ice, but we had thought to bring their ice skates, and they had lots of fun tooling around outside the tent and pestering me endlessly for snacks. Be sure to check your local wildlife regulations to determine who in your group needs or doesn’t need a fishing licence, and that you’re following the rules and restrictions on bait, catch and release and the season for the lake you’re fishing.