Scary Heights and Spooky Sites in Banff National Park

My husband stared at me the way one might look at a dangerous and unstable person. All I had said was “I hope our vacation is relaxing.” I received the look from the other side of our bedroom which was strewn with piles of clothes, books and toys I was
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A Camping Adventure: Dinosaurs, Trains and more!

I’ll be honest. I’ve been a complete chicken about taking my kids camping. My poor boys are 3 & 5 years old and this summer was the first time they slept in a tent. They LOVED it, of course, what kid doesn’t love camping?!  So for our first camping adventure,
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Spooky halloween events
37 Spooktacular Halloween Events Happening Across Canada

Looking for the spookiest activities in the country? We’ve gathered the goblins and ghouls and pumped them for information–where do they go for the most SPOOKtacular fun! Use caution when visiting though, some of these are genuinely creepy and not appropriate for the younger spooks! You have been warned! Bwahahaha!
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Best Beginner Slopes for Family Fun

Skiing and snowboarding are great fun for the entire family but before the black diamond trails called Barely Legal, Parachute and Unnecessary Roughness are considered as a family outing, maybe tamer runs like Gentle Giant, Squirrel or Happy Valley should be under the boards. By finding those resorts with tamer
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Fun winter activities Columbia Valley Cross Country Skiing
4 Unique Winter Activities you Never Considered!

Having grown up in relatively flat Nova Scotia, I’ve never gotten the hang of skiing and snowboarding. I don’t relish the idea of throwing myself down the side of a mountain with boards strapped to my boots (though I will cross country ski, as you can see in the photo).
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Where do you take your Out of Towners, Calgary?

Whether you grew up in Calgary, or moved here more recently, chances are you have friends and family in other parts of Canada (or beyond!) who are eager to visit. Naturally, they want to spend time reconnecting with you, but I bet they’re also excited to explore this fantastic city.
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Travel Dreams for 2015 Ramla I-Hamra, Malta courtesy Viewing Malta
4 Over the top Travel Dreams Plus Places We’ll Actually Go

I like the blank white pages of a pristine calendar. All those days, all those possibilities. No dentist appointments or school meetings or obligations to mar the boxes. No “bill due” scrawled in red or “P” in the corner of every second Thursday by which to measure how long of
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SnowDays Banff
Embracing Winter at SnowDays

If you were to look at my browser history -and I don’t know why you would, you nosy parker- in addition to “cleaning marker from drapes” and “life with a two year old” you would find searches like “Costa Rica real estate” “Mexican long stay visa” and “best remedies for
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Initiated into Serenity at Willow Stream Spa

Everyone pads softly in matching brown slippers, identical white robes cinched tightly at the waist, voices rarely raised above a hushed whisper and on each person, the same serene smile. It is the smile of people who have abandoned their faculty for critical thought to the mindless calm of serenity.
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Kananaskis Country is a great area for a family winter weekend from Calgary.
A Winter Weekend in Kananaskis Country

Kananaskis Country, or K-Country as we [sort-of] locals like to call it, is a stunning swath of provincial parks and wilderness areas in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, roughly between Calgary and Banff. To call this area a national treasure might just be understating the case.
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