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prince edward county photo melissa mohaut
Enjoy Fresh Air and Food in Prince Edward County

We recently visited Prince Edward County for the second time, and I’m already planning our third. Living in Toronto, it gives our family an escape from the hustle and bustle, but having grown up in a small town in the Ottawa Valley, I also feel instantly at peace in cottage
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Ontario Cottages - Mabee Marsh cabin - Photo courtesy Long Point Eco-Adventures Resort
Cottage Without Commitment at These Ontario Cottage Getaways

As I’ve always enjoyed the novelty of new places, I never entertained the idea of owning a cottage or a cabin in the woods. But in 2021, after a long spring lockdown, I found myself yearning for a quiet spot in nature to escape to. It turns out I wasn’t
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Tiny House Rental Is Big Vacation Fun on Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton

Are you dreaming of an expansive, luxurious vacation home for your family after spending nearly six months in each other’s space? How about downsizing? That’s just what we did when we went from a few thousand square feet of living down to a couple of hundred square feet in a
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Our first rental RV home - photo Debra Smith
RV Virgins: First Time Campers Head for the Mountains in Style

Our reservations were made: two nights of peace and solitude sheltered by towering mountains and fragrant pines. We’d enjoy a king-size bed with full en suite, a kitchenette, dining area, TV, shaded patio, and heated seats. Our luxury hotel room on wheels rolled up to our front door mid-week, courtesy
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Dordogne france vacation rental
Stay in a Charming Farmhouse in the Dordogne for a Quieter Side of France

Paris is grand and the Riviera shimmers with glamour, but for families looking for a quiet French holiday, the Dordogne region offers the perfect respite from the crowded clamour of the more popular tourist hotspots. The charming rural area is home to castles, picturesque villages set on lush landscapes, and
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Finger Lakes Zugibe Vineyards Photo Melody Wren
Five Days in Family Friendly Finger Lakes, NY

With rolling hills and field after field of vineyards, charming towns filled with architecturally beautiful houses and a thriving culinary scene, comparisons to France are inevitable. While France flourishes as an elegant film set, Finger Lakes has a relaxed tangible quality that lends itself perfectly to a gentle long weekend
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Muskoka for Families
Muskoka: An Iconic Ontario Destination and Perfect for a Family Retreat!

Muskoka! If you know the area, you know its magic. If you haven’t been there, take the whole family to reconnect and prepare to be enchanted. Muskoka wears its history proudly, and it’s part of what makes it such an iconic Ontario destination. We started our weekend getaway at the
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Vacation Rental Packing Essentials: What to Bring to Home Away from Home
Vacation Rental Packing Essentials: What to Bring to your Home Away from Home

Staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel can be the perfect choice for family vacations. When the whole family isn’t crammed into one room, there is space for everyone enjoy a holiday. Packing to stay at a rented house, cabin or condo is a different animal than packing
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