coronavirus in CanadaIt is natural to seek support from loved ones and to be curious about what others are doing, as you make important decisions for your family. But in this time of crisis, it is important to listen to the experts.

Canada’s approach to fighting Covid-19 (also known as the Coronavirus) is to encourage behavior that prevents transmission: good hygiene, social distancing and isolation. Social distancing will not stop the virus coming to Canada (it is already here), but it might prevent the projected “spike” in cases that has overwhelmed hospitals in other countries like China, Italy and Spain. This is known as “flattening the curve.”

The idea is that when the Coronavirus does arrive in your region of Canada, the health system will be able to cope.

Here are some sites that you can trust for accurate up-to-date information and news about the Coronavirus across Canada:

International and National Advisories and Updates:

WHO (World Health Organization) Coronavirus (Covid 19) Outbreak Information (Extremely useful “Your Questions Answered” section): World Health Organization Coronavirus updates

Government of Canada: Coronavirus Updates: Government of Canada Coronavirus updates

Provincial Coronavirus Updates:

Nunavut: Coronavirus updates for Nunavut

Northwest Territories: Corona Virus updates for NWT

Yukon: Coronavirus updates for Yukon

British Columbia: Coronavirus updates for BC

Alberta: Coronavirus updates for Alberta

Saskatchewan: Coronavirus updates for Saskatchewan

Manitoba Coronavirus updates for Manitoba

Ontario: Coronavirus updates for Ontario

Quebec: Coronavirus updates for Quebec

New Brunswick: Coronavirus updates for New Brunswick

Nova Scotia: Coronavirus updates for Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island: Coronavirus updates for PEI

Newfoundland and Labrador: Coronavirus updates for Nfld and Labrador

And back to that social distancing thing. To find out about events that you shouldn’t be going to, check out Family Fun Canada city sites in the following cities:

For cancelled events in your city:

VancouverCancelled events and stay-at-home ideas in Vancouver

Calgary Cancelled events and stay-at-home ideas in Calgary

EdmontonCancelled events and stay-at-home ideas in Edmonton

SaskatoonCancelled events and stay-at-home ideas in Saskatoon

TorontoCancelled events and stay-at-home ideas in Toronto

Halifax Cancelled events  and stay at home ideas in Halifax

We hope this information is helpful. Now, as for the nationwide toilet paper shortage? Well, I am afraid we can’t help you with that!

Our serious message: Listen to the experts. Stay home, stay safe. And – don’t forget to have fun with your family!

Coronavirus in Canada