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Eco-lodges are closer to nature - Photo Carol Patterson
Picking an Eco-Lodge That Gets You Closer to Nature, Not the Hospital

When I asked where the gooey stains on my bed came from, my eco-lodge host explained they were animal droppings from the roof above, and the sheets would be changed immediately. As my gaze swept the room, I realized clean bedding wouldn’t solve my problems. There were holes in window
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Rubys Healing Garden
4 Eco-Friendly Personal Care Products to Use Instead of Hotel Toiletries

It’s easy to be kinder to the environment while travelling if you and your family use eco-friendly personal care products instead of hotel toiletries. Notwithstanding the advantages of reduced plastic use, going natural benefits not just the environment, but people too. Here are five greener personal care products that can
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Seven Ways to NOT Get a Sunburn

As the parent of a fair-skinned ginger-haired child, I’ve been diligent when it comes to sun protection. Well, I thought I had until we went on a week-long cruise through the Caribbean. Hats, long sleeves and multiple tubes of sunscreen were packed. Day three we hit the beach in St.
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Chicago - The Crown Fountain in Millenium Park was in constant movement as the facial expressions changed. Photo Denise Davy
How Chicago Became a True Eco-Tourist Town

Chicago is well known for its gorgeous blue lakefront but a lesser-known fact is that it’s also gone green. Yes, the city with the third-largest population in the States, filled with magnificent architecture and a fascinating crime history is also at the forefront of eco-conscious tourism. Chicago committed to going
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Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While on Holiday
Reduce Your Environmental Footprint While on Holiday

For Calgarian Tatiana Teevens, there is nothing more magical and inspiring than going swimming with whale sharks and seeing how incredibly beautiful the oceans are. “That is going to move people to protect them. What is going to change the world is when individuals become fiercely passionate about protecting our
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Churchill Manitoba - Frontiers North Adventures Pop Up Lodge - Daytime tours on tundra buggies bring tourists to the bears - Photo Carol Patterson
The View Is White (and Green) at This Pop-up Lodge in Churchill’s Polar Bear Territory

People have heard of pop-up restaurants and pop-up boutiques but a pop-up lodge in Canada’s backcountry? That’s what happens each fall when Frontiers North Adventures (FNA) hauls its Tundra Buggies (think school bus crossed with dump truck) into the path of hungry polar bears near Churchill, Manitoba and sets up
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The freshly carved front desk at 1 Hotel - photo Debra Smith
A Star is Born – 1 Hotel West Hollywood

True Green A lot of hotels say they’re environmentally responsible. Most of the time that consists of not changing the sheets or towels unless you ask them to. That’s not really being green in my book. I recently had the pleasure of staying at a genuinely environmentally conscious hotel –
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Travel Green How to Be an Eco-Friendlier Traveller
Travel Green: How to Be an Eco-Friendlier Traveller

  You’re getting ready to head off for a vacation in paradise. But you’re hopping on a fume-emitting jumbo jet to get there. If you want to travel green, you’ll probably re-use your hotel towel and bed sheets. What else can you do to be eco-friendly while away from home?
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Learning about sea turtles before releasing them back into the wild Photo Tourism La Paz
4 Ways to Have A Boatload of Fun in La Paz Mexico

Just a 1.5-hour drive from Los Cabos, Mexico, the coastal town of La Paz is a secluded destination on the east coast of Baja California in the Sea of Cortez. Blessed with natural, recreational and cultural abundance, Jacques Cousteau famously named the Sea of Cortez the Aquarium of the World.
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