Road Trips

Jamie & Khobe Clarke Mongolia (Family Fun Canada)
Why Would You Head Off the Grid in Mongolia? Jamie Clarke Has the Best Reason of All – His 18-Year-Old Son

“Hold on a minute – I just need to send a text.” “Just a sec, I’m gonna Google it.” Technology can be our greatest friend and our worst enemy. How many times have you seen people enthusiastically greet one another at a restaurant, but then sit down and whip out
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California Road Trip! Cruising the California Coast on Highway 1

Put the ragtop down, turn the radio up and hit the road for the quintessential California road trip along State Highway 1 As far as road trips go, California’s classic Highway 1 has it all. It’s an excellent route for drivers, with twists, turns and narrow bends in the road.
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6 Ways to Get Your Adventure Fix This Summer in Flagstaff, Arizona

In its heyday, Flagstaff was a popular stopping point for road trippers travelling the iconic Route 66. Then along came the interstate highways, which effectively slowed down tourism and business travel on this popular route. But this cool, unpretentious mountain town is making a comeback. Sitting at 2,135 metres in altitude, the
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10 Southern Ontario Summer Road Trips

If you’re like me and have teenagers who lucked into summer jobs, you may think its time to say goodbye to easy summer fun and so long to any chance of getting away. But if you live in southern Ontario, or anywhere near the GTA, there are tons of options
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Riding the Waves and Exploring All Day Along the North East Coast of Florida

Sure Miami is the flashy one, Tampa is all about the sunsets and there is nothing like chilling in the Florida Keys, but the North East coast of Florida is a treasure trove of smaller cities where it’s all about fun, sun and good times! Here are 3 towns you
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Ontario Road Trip
Easy Ontario Escapes: Road Trippin’ from the 416

Ever hear of the term, I take my own backyard for granted? You could probably retire on every dollar you’ve ever said or heard that saying. That’s because as Ontarians we tend to want to go away from our own surroundings to find warmer weather, great attractions, cocktail masters, culinary
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The Wild Atlantic Way

Clinging to the western fringes of Ireland is a long ribbon of road, the Wild Atlantic Way. You drive it to find adventure, and the adventure is the drive. Twenty-six hundred kilometres alongside windswept beaches, on the edge of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Wild describes the Atlantic in
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At Giganticus Headicus on Route 66--just another roadside attraction_photo by Blake Ford
Are You Griswold Enough? A weird and wacky road trip through the American Southwest

Driving out of Las Vegas, our white Chevy rental car racing east toward the red mountains of Utah, my husband Blake cranks up “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and starts singing and air banjo-ing along. “What is this?” our teenage daughter Avery groans from the back seat. “Why are
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Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan-Mac-Photo Sabrina Pirillo
From The ‘Toon to the Capital: A Prairie Road Trip Through Saskatchewan

Take everything you think you know about Saskatchewan and then throw it right out the window. Did you know that the first season of Amazing Race Canada (2013) featured a pit stop at the RCMP Depot in Regina, where the Royal Canadian Mounted Police train every member across Canada?  Or
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Four Days in Maine - Lobster Claw on the beach - Photo Caroline Faucher
East Coast Road Trip: Four days in Mid Coast Maine

Maine is famous for two things: picturesque seaside and an abundance of lobsters. It’s also a vacation hotspot for those living in Eastern Canada. Being only a short drive from Montreal and Quebec, it’s a particularly easy road trip for families looking to take a dive in the Atlantic. Yet
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