Anaheim _ Southern California
Anaheim Southern California’s Hub for Theme Parks, Beaches and Stars!

Welcome to California, where the motto is Dream Big, and where dreams really do come true. There are so many incredible cities, towns and vibrant places to visit, where does one start? And how does one plan an unforgettable itinerary with a family? Begin in Anaheim southern California, an incredibly
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Sunny Days and Theme Parks: Your Guide to School Breaks in the O.C. and L.A. County

If you live in a place where winter has been pulling a heinous disappearing/reappearing act, (and even if you don’t live in Alberta) a summer trip (or spring break, or winter break!) where sunshine is virtually guaranteed seems like a solid plan. And if you are looking south of the
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North of Joshua Tree: the weird, the wild, the wonderful
North of Joshua Tree: The Weird, Wild and Wonderful

“… And the desert has strange art. The art is outside! And there are cacti all around!” It is a sunny February day, a sharp desert wind blows and I’m sitting on a rusty fold up chair watching my five-year-old ‘perform’ on a star-spangled stage in an outdoor exhibit made
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Oceanside is California Cool
6 Reasons Oceanside is California Cool That You Can’t Miss!

“Oceanside?!?” my girlfriend said with a tone of shock in her voice when I told her about our upcoming vacation plans, “Why aren’t you staying in Carlsbad?” Her words echoed in my head as we drove down Oceanside’s South Coast Highway after a long day at LEGOLAND. We were tired,
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The Holidays at Legoland California
Spend the Holidays at LEGOLAND California

“No Mommy, Nooooooo!” my four-year-old daughter screamed as I approached an 8-foot-tall Santa Claus styled as a LEGO mini-figure. My kids are not fans of mascots. Or Santa Claus. They love what he does, of course, but would prefer he do it from afar. We’ve had to write notes asking
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Chasing Christmas to Oxnard California
Racing Christmas to Oxnard California

“What does Santa do?” I used to ask my daughters when they were tiny tots. The answer was always the same: “RUN!” In those days, the extent of my girls’ knowledge of Santa started and finished with a series of running t-shirts I wore around the house. The large central
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African penguin exhibit San Diego Zoo
8 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in San Diego

It’s true, San Diego may be best known for amazing beaches and year-round perfect weather (and for people of a certain age as the setting of Three’s Company) but this laid-back, cosmopolitan city is full of unusual, unexpected and unique experiences hidden in plain sight. Watch Penguins Swim with Sharks
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Saguaro Palm Springs Pool
3 Posh Hotel Pools in Palm Springs

An avid list-maker, I wanted to make sure I had a stack of activities and outings planned for a trip to Palm Springs before heading south, so I asked a local acquaintance, “what is there to do in Palm Springs?” The reply? There are loads of fun things to do,
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Palm Springs Living Desert Zoo Jaguar adventures for Families in Palm Springs
Make Memories in the Desert with These 6 Awesome Adventures for Families in Palm Springs

Headed to Palm Springs with your family? With the lovely desert weather, ample opportunity to relax, and plenty of good eats, there’s no place better to kick-back with loved ones, but if you’re looking for an adventure or two, we’ve got you covered! Check out our AWESOME list of… 6
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Dining Out with Kids
Kids + Restaurants Don’t Have to Equal Disaster! 3 Restaurants to Try in Palm Springs

Taking young kids out to a restaurant is not for the faint of heart. I still vividly remember the first time I took my sons out to eat, by myself. Within minutes of arriving at the restaurant, with a 1 & 3-year-old, I was in a full-body sweat, swearing our
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