So the Trump Victory Means You’ll Take Your Vacation in Canada? We Got You Covered!If the results of the recent US election have you feeling a bit apprehensive about travelling south of the border, rest assured that you do not need to leave the peaceful, politically sedate confines of Canada to experience holiday bliss. You can stay close to home and indulge in some Hometown Tourism or if you’d like to venture further afield, yet still safely north of the 49th, here’s our roundup of remarkable destinations right here at home, from coast to coast.

Starting on the Left Coast, where Hillary supporters feel most at home, there are amazing escapades to be had including these 6 Kid-Friendly Adventures on Vancouver Island.

As you head inland, stop in the interior of BC and drown your sorrows in BC wine Country. Osoyoos is a dreamy spot, with plenty of wine, sunshine and beaches to explore.

Wine Food and Fun in Osoyoos BC

You can find Zen in Alberta with Heli Yoga or visit the oldest relics in the country; Discovering the past in the Badlands and visiting Drumheller where the dinosaur bones will reassure you that at least something else has been through more drama than this election.


The undulating hills of the prairies are soothing, and if you allow yourself to be charmed by Saskatoon, we’ll all get through this together.

Moving east, the kids can have an Experiential Learning Vacation of Dynamic Proportions in Sudbury Ontario. Yes, Sudbury. And visiting Toronto, perfect for a Big City Getaway, never fails to remind us that Canadians do big cities pretty darn well!

View of Toronto skyline from the ferry

If you prefer your political fireworks homegrown, how about Quebec? Politics in la belle province are never dull! You can’t miss out on Manoir-Papineau in Montebello, Quebec, one of Canada’s treasured National Historic Sites. Visit Historic Quebec City to see why it is so kid friendly, and if you head there in the summer, there are at least 10 Awesome Things to do in Montreal with Kids.

kid friendly quebec city header

Farthest east, and most pragmatic, the Atlantic provinces are a no-nonsense but fun-loving and spectacular destination for all families, from north or south of the border.

Charlottetown with Kids

From Family time in Fredericton New Brunswick to Family Fun in The Historic City of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island you can immerse yourself in our country’s history.

The Colours of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Family Fun Canada)

Cape Breton Island, In Living Colour, provides some of the most stunning scenery you can imagine, and if cheeky Newfoundland town names don’t soothe your nerves, we may be beyond hope!

Newfoundland Place Names That Will Make You Blush

Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Photo Courtesy of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism

I’ll leave you with one last suggestion if you’re feeling continent locked – don’t despair! You don’t have to look far for some of the most fantastic winter activities to see that Canada is unique and special. The 12 Most Canadian Things To Do This Winter will keep you from falling into a post-Trump hibernation.